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Wax Seal Stamp/Kit - Vintage Book

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Welcome to our collection of exquisitely crafted wax seal stamps, where tradition meets elegance. Our carefully curated selection offers a timeless touch to your journal spreads, invitations, and gifts. Each stamp is meticulously designed to leave a lasting impression, capturing the essence of old-world charm while adding a touch of sophistication to modern communication. Elevate your personal or professional correspondence with our premium quality wax seal stamps, meticulously crafted to perfection.

Explore our wax seal kit which. comes with all the products necessary to execute a good stamp and discover the art of sealing with style.

You can choose if you want just the stamp or the entire kit.

The kit includes - 

1) Wax Seal Stamp

2) Melting Spoon

3) Wax Bead Box (15 different wax colours)

4) Wax Spoon Holder with Candle Space Below

5) Candle