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Lace Vintage Journal - 6

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Vintage cover journals offer a nostalgic charm, blending the elegance of bygone eras with the practicality of modern note-taking. These journals typically feature covers adorned with classic designs, such as intricate floral patterns, antique maps, old-world illustrations, or retro advertisements. The covers are made from materials like jute, distressed fabric, intricate laces, giving them an authentic vintage feel.

Inside, these journals contain handmade, crushed, or smooth paper, to enhance the old-fashioned look.

Perfect for writing, sketching, or as a decorative piece, vintage cover journals appeal to those who appreciate the aesthetic of the past and the timeless quality of a well-made notebook. Whether used as a personal diary, a travel log, or a creative sketchbook, these journals provide a beautiful and unique canvas for capturing thoughts and memories.

Size - A5

No. of Pages - 40pages 80 sides

Types of paper -

Handmade Paper - 250 GSM

Crushed Brown- 100 GSM

Beige Smooth - 300 GSM

Sand Smooth - 300 GSM