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The New BRWN Box look

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Rs. 1,990.00

Our very own BRWN box is here!! This time with more products, more variety, improved aesthetic packaging and something that you’ll definitely want to grab.

Note* - Designs may vary according to availability.

Products included in the box -
1) Plain Pages Journal
2) Classic Washi Tape
3) Stamp
4) Ink Pad
5) Aesthetic Lace
6) Aesthetic Notepad
7) Post-stamp Stickers
8) Postcard Stickers
9) Cottage Core Stickers
10) Written Stickers
11) Memo Papers
12) Musical Paper Set
13) Vintage Paper Set
14) Keychain and Charms
15) Buttons
16) Long Cards
17) Square Frame
18) Hexagon Frame
19) Newspaper Booklet
20) Film Sticker Set

Grab your box before it’s sold out. The offer is valid for a very limited period.

Note* - Designs may vary according to availability.