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Bumper Pack 2022

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Rs. 2,200.00

Can you imagine having 17 different journaling items all in one basket at an exciting BUMPER OFFER??


We have curated it just for you!!

Note - Wooden pencils are out of stock, wooden stamp will be provided instead

The BRWN Bumper Pack includes -

1) One square journal

2) One month/weekday/number stamp set

3) One washi tape set( designs can defer)

4) One charm set (3 vintage charms)

5) One vintage wooden post/botanical stamp

6) One vintage paper set (5 sheets)

7) One aestehtic notepad with clipboard

8) One vintage tag/label set (5 tags)

9) One vintage sticker set (10 stickers)

10) One botanical sticker set (10 stickers)

11) One botanical/vintage paper set (5 sheets)

12) One vintage wooden frame

13) One classic lace roll

14) One vintage pocket watch

15) One vintage wooden stamp 

16) One butterfly button set

17) One cute flower bunch