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Bumper Basket - New

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Rs. 2,500.00
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Rs. 2,500.00

What is BRWN’a Bumper Basket?? From time to time we launch a basket filled with the most loved and best selling products. This basket contains a journal, stickers, paper packs, washi tapes, stamps and so much more!! 
It’s basically everything you love in one basket and at a reasonable price.
Normally you would want many products but it’s difficult to buy them all, that’s why we bring you this basket.

*P.S. - This offer is only valid till 9th December, 2022

Products included

1) Best Selling - Handmade Paper Journal

2) Wooden stamp 

3) Big washi tape

4) Mini Booklet 

5) Retro Booklet

6) Vintage Stickers

7) Vintage Receipts Booklet

8) Quote Stickers - 15

9) Washi tape set of 5

10) Vintage Paper Pack

11) Vintage Tickets Booklet

12) Fun sticker set 

13) Vintage Charm

14) Button Sticker Set - 10

15) Vintage Postcards - 2

16) Postcard Stickers

Hurry and get your basket now!!