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Bumper Basket

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Rs. 2,200.00
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Rs. 2,600.00
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Rs. 2,200.00

Y’all are just not ready for this 2023 Basket explosion. A basket filled with 20 exciting journaling and stationery products. Don’t waste your time and add this to your cart before it runs out!!

(Offer Valid till 10th March only)

Items included-

1) Alphabet Stamp Set

2) Single wooden stamp 

3) Aesthetic washi tape

4) Memo Washi tape

5) Vintage whole set

6) Small vintage paper set

7) Big vintage paper set

8) Vintage sticker set

9) Sticker and paper set

10) Long sticker set

11) Pocket watch

12) Aesthetic Notepad 

13) Sticky Notes

14) Memo sticker set 

15) Memo sticker set 2

16) Written Sticker Set

17) Small vintage booklet 

18) Big vintage booklet 

19) Mini bookmarks

20) Note paper set

(Designs will vary)

Hurry and place your order now!